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Jennale Adams
Guitarist and Musician

Artist Biography


Jennale Adams is a gifted  female Guitarist, Songwriter, Musician, Writer and Poet. She was born and raised in Queens, New York. Influenced by many different genres of music in order to create her signature sound, She loves R&B, Soul Latin- Rock , Rock & Roll and a little Jazz. She discovered her love for music at the age of 10,she credits her father for her pursuit of music and the electric guitar. “ I remember growing up and desiring to play an instrument. I tried the flute and violin but they never called out to my soul the way the electric guitar did and always has. My curiosity and desire to pursue electric guitar came from the fact that I never saw female or Women of color guitarists represent in music.  My life changed forever and the path to making music my lifelong passion was solidified when I first got my hands on a Black Fender Mexican Stratocaster, after weeks of asking my dad to buy one for me. My father tried bass guitar as a teen and tried to pick it up again during his time serving in the navy in 1973 where he realized  the visual arts was his passion and I believe his curiosity for music was passed down to me and has become my life's calling”.  Jennale Grew up in a home that was full of music, growing up with an indo- Caribbean mother and a African American father from the south, every inch of her life was surrounded by music. Growing up with a diverse background , inspired her to study guitarists across the genres, artists like Jimi Hendrix, Her hero Carlos Santana Joe Satriani, and Prince. 

She began teaching herself guitar and piano during her teen years, with the help of a few guitar tutors. She was meticulous about her being consistent with improving and developing her skills on the guitar. She found comfort in writing poetry during her high school years as well.  “ Poetry and music are entities of each other, I love music but I am also a lover of words, being a musician had been a blessing to my life, it has allowed to find my place in the world at a very young age even when I felt like no one around me understood me except my father. I will always have the desire to get better and better at my gifts.” Around the age of fifteen she discovered Carlos Santana’s music and studied his sound rigorously. “ Around the age of fifteen I had hit a across roads, I was in this phase were I was second guessing myself and my passions, I saw Santana’s Video for into the night premier across the TV in my living room and the video opened with a white dove ( I felt like it was a message from god to me ) I was immediately enamored with Santana's orange signature PRS and the captivating riffs coming out of his Mesa Boogie Amp, That was the first time I had ever heard or seen Santana. That video renewed the spark I originally felt when I first picked up my black Stratocaster. In 2011 She started uploading her guitar covers on YouTube and began attracting some recognition. Her early twenties were spent Sharing her gift and love for music with her students as a guitar tutor. In 2016 at the age twenty three her father bought her her first PRS SE guitar.

Jennale became an endorsed artist under the PRS Pulse Artist Program in 2021, 2022 and 2023. She has had the honor of being  interviewed for Guitar Girl Magazine by her hero, Guitar Gabby. She also had the honor of being featured inside Guitar Girl Magazines Special 2021 I Belong Edition : Highlighting Women and Non Binary Rockstar's of Color. Jennale was featured on the Cover of Guitar Girl Magazines Special 2022 I Belong Edition : Highlighting Women and Non Binary Rockstar's of Color.She is currently in the process of publishing her first book of poetry, writing and producing music for her debut album. One of her goals is to work with her heroes Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani and Guitar Gabby and perform with them live.


"Music is the foundation of my life,

I am grateful that I knew from a young age that music is my calling and the guitar is my instrument of choice."

- Guitarist Jennale

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